Queen Elixir – 3 bottles

This 3 Pack of Queen Elixir Sarm is an orally administered growth hormone secretagogue that is designed to release growth hormones for a longer and healthier life. Queen Elixir is MK-677 combined with different elastane and collagen components.


11,000 ฿


What is Queen Elixir?

Are you ready to get your quality of life back?

Not only will you receive benefits like better skin, thicker and faster growing hair and nails, more energy, better sleep, increased mental clarity and focus, you can protect your health from the downsides of aging including protecting your cardiovascular health, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease. Numerous studies prove hormone replacement therapy can slow and even reverse the aging process by increasing hormone levels, not the other way around.

Queen Elixir is an orally administered growth hormone secretagogue that is designed to stimulate the pituitary gland to release growth hormones.
The main ingredient in Queen Elixir (Ibutamoren) was originally formulated to keep health problems like osteoporosis, obesity and muscle wasting, but has been seen to promote an increase in lean body mass and have anti aging effects during clinical runs.

Benefits of Queen elixir:

  • Improve and increase growth of hair and nails
  • Stimulates Loose Skin To Tighten
  • Smooth out and decrease wrinkles
  • Thicker hair
  • Change hair back to youthful color
  • Decrease fat, helps weight loss
  • Improve mood and sense of well being
  • Improve libido and sexual function
  • Increased energy levels
  • Better sleep
  • Promotes The Healing Of Ligaments, Tendons, Bones As Well As Old Injuries
  • Improvement in memory, vision and hearing

Why use Queen elixir?

A beauty secret of many celebrities, growth hormone (also known as GH or HGH) is believed to play a role in both elastin and collagen loss. Like estrogen and some other hormones, its levels drop as people get older. This is what makes it be a factor in skin aging.

Since collagen and elastin fall along with HGH, this means you may be able to improve their levels by increasing the amount of the hormone. Several studies have observed improved skin elasticity and thickness from growth hormone therapy. The findings therefore suggest that HGH helps to build elastin.
Elastin obviously has a critical role to play in ensuring you have a skin that dazzles. Its decline occurs somewhat simultaneously with that of collagen. A good number of steps you take to increase elastin production will also benefit collagen. These proteins together improve the firmness, texture and elasticity of your skin.

Women who are suffering from low HGH will notice changes occurring in their body composition such as a decrease in libido, their skin becoming thin, muscle turning to fat, wrinkles, loss of elasticity in the skin, brittle bones, mood swings, and general signs of aging

During the first month, you should feel an increase in energy levels as well as a more positive outlook on life. You will tend to sleep better and be better able to participate more effectively in normal activities.

In the second month, the regenerative effects of higher HGH levels will begin to be seen. Your skin, hair and nails will improve. You will see better muscle tone. Losing weight will also become easier, and you should see a notable improvement in your sexual performance.

In months three through five, you should see significant improvement in these same areas. For those trying to improve their body strength, the increase in lean muscle mass will be noticeable. Your libido will be returning to where it was in your teenage years and early twenties. You will also notice improvements in memory and the ability to concentrate.

By the end of month six, you should have made great strides towards your ideal weight, your muscle tone will be much improved, and your energy levels will be at the highest they have been in years. You will also begin to see less obvious improvements in the area of your immune and, cardiopulmonary systems.
Many will even see a drop in cholesterol levels, the loss of cellulite, and in some cases the regrowth of lost hair and reversal of graying.

FACT: From the time we are born into this world, we are aging or getting old.

FACT: This is your life and you have the power how you want to see it play out. You can either choose to ‘get old’ or you can choose ‘age’ at a healthier, slower pace while still enjoying your activities & passions in life.