Fit Diva (60 tablets)

Fit Diva Fat Burner is a fat burning tablet that contains exotic fat burning ingredients in a mix that’s rarely seen in 2021.


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Do you have too big of a belly? Excess body fat on the hips and thighs? Do you have an overall poor build-up of fat on certain areas of your body?

Fit Diva can clearly help you with such problems. A defined and beautiful body for people is always desirable. Fit Diva offers an amazing way to achieve this goal.

You don’t have to train for months to get such a body. Fit Diva helps you achieve your dream figure faster. FitDiva gives you more energy, strength and an improved condition during training!


  • Fit Diva is a fat burner and appetite suppressant in one product
  • Fast and Radical Weight Loss Thanks to the potent stim ingredients
  • Losing weight is much easier when taking Fit Diva!
  • Inhibition of an emerging, annoying appetite when using the Fit Diva tablets!
  • Psychologically positive effects when using this supplement!
  • Powerful Breakdown of Fat by Fit Diva!
  • Massively Greater Mental Capacity through Fit Diva ingestion!
  • More Lifting Properties when taking Fit Diva!
  • Better motivation during sport and training thanks to Fit Diva!
  • Increase in performance thanks to Fit Diva!
  • Fit Diva for better muscle performance
  • Fit Diva for more strength during training
  • Fit Diva for extremely tough workouts
  • Fit Diva for maximum energy effectiveness

Supplements Effect:

Fit Diva contains a potent compound 1,3 – dimethylamylamine. This compound affects the body’s sympathomimetic system thus giving a strong stimulation of the central nervous system.

This results in improved force release and increased focus, greater alertness and enables a better mood.

Extreme Fat loss due to the strong appetite suppression, and increased working capacity.

Dosage information:

  1. As a dietary supplement, you should take 1-4 tablets of Fit Diva in the morning with additional 100-200mg caffeine. For faster fat burning effects take 1  dose (1-4 tablets) in the afternoon as well or 30-60 minutes before workout. (do not take later than 6pm)
  2. You shouldn’t take more than 4 tablets at once. Start with 1 tablet and if the effect is not enough, take 2 tablets at once. MAXIMUM 4 tablets at once.

You must not exceed the recommended dosage since each tablet contains 25mg Dimethylamylamine. This product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Its use is prohibited for people with high blood pressure, diabetes, heart, liver or kidney diseases.